Project Details:

  • Project Started: January 2017
  • Time Spent on Project: 2 Months
  • Language: C++
  • SDK: Game Maker

Chess Battle is a variation on the class two-player strategy board game Chess. The unique aspect of the game is instead of the traditional, take the “King” win it is the first person to take five pieces of the opponent thus take Victory.

Work Completed:

  • Developed the main activity including.
    • Creating an 8 by 8 tiled board to enable movement.
    • Developed specific movement set’s for each piece.
  • Created a score system.
    • Developed it so a player get’s one point per game piece taken.
    • Create a win condition if a player gets to five points.
  • Created timer system.
    • Developer a timer.
    • Created a system where it goes down depending on who’s turn it is.
    • System decides who wins if a certain player gets to zero on the timer.

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