Project Details:

  • Project Started: May 2018
  • Time Spent on Project: 7 Weeks
  • Language: C#
  • SDK: Unity 2017.1 and VRTK
  • Team Size: 6
  • Source Control: Perforce (P4V)

Daily Dose Virtual Reality is a simulation of daily task’s focused on the receptive movements to aid and familiarise individuals affected by strokes. The simulation is to provide an environment where the individual feels safe to re-learn lost skills or moments due to strokes or similar conditions.

Work Completed:

  • Developed and configured movement and the interaction mechanics, using the VRTK plugin.
    • Developed and configure the teleportation mechanic within the plugin.
    • Developed and configured the interaction laser to work with a world space canvas.
  • Developed 2 out of the 4 activities
    • Created and developed the “Make Toast” activity.
    • Created and developed the “Make Food” activity.
  • Created and developed specific mechanics for each activity
    • Configured a “Knife” object that would split an object into two using a “Mesh_Maker” that would a cut an object a cap the new vertices with a specific material.
    • Created and configured the “Tap” mechanic so if the rotation is at a certain point then the tap is on.
    • Created and configured the toaster using the VRTK plugin.
    • Created and configured the win condition for both of these activities.
    • Created a game manager to allow the player to spawn in a specific location relative to the task chosen.

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