4. The language of the contract that is gender neutral and an agreement to meet and transmit to identify and discuss good practices in respectful and welcoming employment for transgender, non-sex and non-binary workers. 2. Between 2 and 9 steps are removed from the base of each ranking and each in the eliminated steps is moved to the new lower step. This increases the base salary for high-level job classes from 2 to 18% Our clerical bargaining committee would like to thank the more than 1,000 members who signed petitions, sent emails, came to rallies, wore Green Friday and spoke with their friends, colleagues and #FightForOurFuture bosses. Thanks to your best efforts, we have a treaty in which members will make real economic progress. Collective agreement between the University of Minnesota and AFSCME Locals 3800 – 3801 Council 5, AFL-CIO Clerical – Office Unit members can vote on our new contract within the week of January 13. We will vote on each of our local campuses, with an e-mail-in option for members who do not work on a campus. The notification of the vote is sent to the members` residence addresses. 3. A $500 package for all employees with 15 years of age or more of university service as of May 1, 2020.

A more detailed list of changes will be provided during lunchtime briefings during the week of January 6. Details of these meetings will be sent out soon. 5. We also approved a meeting and conference on climate change; Language that clarifies the obligation to leave sick for the organization of child care services; a number of declarations of intent (MOUs) on the back of the treaty have been deferred to certain articles or annexes; and referred several questions to the Employment Services Committees for further discussion. Be sure to come to our meeting next week to learn more about the vote, thank the bargaining committee and benefit from a union community. We will have a shortened diary, followed by a potluck dinner! The meeting is Tuesday, December 17 at 5:30 p.m. at Peik Hall Room 48 (East Bank), with video connections for the Greater Minnesota Area. These are in addition to the regular increases of 2% not that people receive on their birthday.

This means a total of 8.5% (compounding) within 2 years for people in the range, and 4.5% (compounding) within two years for those at the top of the field. Here are the highlights of the preliminary agreement 2019-2021, concluded on December 11; it lasted nearly 6 months of organization and disactive hundreds of members, but there are many gains that were worth the wait! SvenErik Olsen, Co-Chair; Andy Carhart; Rosetta Chears; Cherrene Horazuk; Mary Lou Garza; Amanda Greenhart; Geraldine Hughes; Meron Negussie; Sandy Modin Please click on THIS LIEN or PDF below to see and download.

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