For the calculation of average wages, all types of payments set by the remuneration system in the company, regardless of the sources of payment, are used. It is also important to mention that undocumented workers are regularly exploited for their work and that their questionable immigration status is used against them to intimidate and steal their wages. The worker has the right to initiate changes to the essential conditions of an employment contract for reasons related to a change in the organizational or technological aspects of the work environment if the worker`s work function is not changed. To enter into an employment contract, the worker must provide the employer with the following documents: an additional regional rate of pay and an increase in wages paid in princes who work permanently in the Far North and in equivalent regions; For the first two hours of work, overtime pay should return to half as much as for subsequent hours. The actual amount of overtime pay can be determined by the collective agreement or the employment contract. At the worker`s request, his overtime work can be compensated instead of an increase in pay by giving him extra rest time, but no less than the overtime. The agreement is a legal act that must define, within the framework of their competences, the general principles of the regulation of social-worker relations and the economic relations that are associated with them between workers` representatives and the employer at the federal, regional, industrial (far from industry and territory) level. If the remuneration (functions) is not met by the employee`s fault, the payment of the part of the salary assessed is in accordance with the importance of the work. 3. The “kitchen sink” concludes: it is not clear whether there are other reasons supposed to resign, but Ms.

Cothern answered a page 50 and there were important cross-checking questions that were used to say that Mr. Korte was dismissed for various other reasons. This list contains the following: a. An employee of one of the stores brought a baby to the store. [Although Mr. Korte was not in the store, was not the store manager and the lady reprimanded for violating company guidelines, this incident contributed in some way to the alleged termination for reasons.” B. Although no employees were seen smoking, it was stated that the smell of cigarette smoke was present. [Mr.

Korte did not allow employees to smoke, and when he found out someone was smoking, they were disciplined or reprimanded according to company policy]. c. The images of some of the stores at different times are not clean enough. [When Mr. Korte discovered the condition, he took care of it]. d. Some kind of inoperable tax return or financial report. Although Ms. Cothern attempted to misartiudge the financial resources, they were duly passed on to the IRS through a certified public audit firm, Berman Hopkins, and no evidence of Mr. Korte`s misconduct was provided. E. Unprofitable businesses.

Without Mr. Korte`s fault, the economy went nasally in 2007.

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