An agreement must be intentional or serious. In the business sector, it is considered that the parties intend to enter into a contract. In some organizations, repaid loan contracts are used to assign a public institution, university or other legal model (at least three employees) to provide advisory services to selected individuals to support certain services for a period of time. Technology transfer involves a high degree of skill in the way the technology is transferred, on the important legal contracts involved, and on the type of agreement reached by both parties to the transfer of technology. All of these steps require a great deal of skill and understanding, both technically and legally. One wonders why such a process is necessary. With regard to technology-intensive agreements, a simple example is an agreement on the level of service, in which software has been subjected. If a web application is to be developed and the owner of a business hires a consultant or company to develop such an application, the agreement must also include the delicate technical details, which are also an important element of the negotiations. At Patracode, we handle all kinds of IP contracts and marketing contracts. Our lawyers with a technical background give us an advantage over others to understand, legal co-relationship and technology for the development of various agreements. Any construction agreement, whether on the basis of industry standard forms such as ConcensusDocs©, AIA© or any other standard contract or on a contract form adapted by the client, must be adapted to the project concerned. Not all contracts should apply to all contracts.

Our lawyers have the experience to analyze these “standard” agreements and adapt them to the project and the state in which the project is located. Our experience is that large savings can result from careful verification and negotiation of construction contracts at the beginning of a project. The license is an injunction to market IP rights by authorizing the licensee to obtain a patented invention or an IP right including the “file” such as the manufacture or use of a product or the use of a patented process to manufacture a product. The licence is developed under certain conditions mentioned in the licensing agreement.

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