If you already have a BAA with AWS or are considering creating or migrating a new solution that creates, receives, manages or transfers PHI to AWS, you can use AWS Artifact to manage your HIPAA accounts to this day. As with all AWS Artifact features, there is no additional charge for using AWS Artifact to verify, accept and manage BAAs online. In my previous post, I discussed the idea of using the cloud to protect the cloud and improve health technologies through the use of DevSecOps methods. In the second part of today, I will present an architecture of AWS services that will provide health security administrators with the necessary controls and allow health care developers to interact with the system with confidence […] HIPAA requires CEs to sign business association agreements (BAA) with ABs that meet the same requirements for these latter companies. In 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act expanded liability for many HIPAA requirements on ABs. One of the mistakes that have been made many times is to set access controls to allow access for “authenticated users.” Maybe that`s what you authenticated to get access to your data. However, this is not the definition of a user authenticated by Amazon. An authenticated user is anyone with an AWS account and anyone can receive an AWS account for free. Over the years, we have experienced tremendous growth in the use of AWS Cloud for health applications. Our AWS (APN) customers and affiliate partners who offer solutions that store, process and transfer Protected Health Information (PHI) sign an Addendum Commercial Associate (BAA) with AWS.

Under the AWS HIPAA compliance program, customers and […] AWS allows covered companies and their business partners subject to the Health Protection and Accounting Act 1996 (HIPAA) to use the AWS secure environment to process, maintain and store protected health information. The Health Information Trust Alliance`s (HITRUST) Common Security Framework (CSF) is, in its own words, a certifiable framework that provides companies with a comprehensive, flexible and effective approach to compliance with legislation and risk management.

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