For nursing students who require access to computer systems during the clinical experience, if part of our arbitration agreement is found to be unenforceable by arbitration or court, that part is separated from the agreement and the rest of the arbitration agreement is fully implemented. Presbyterian has contracts with many institutions that cover a large number of educational programs, including: MD, DO, DPM, PA, CNM, FNP and DNP. Residents and students must currently be enrolled in an accredited program, have good academic status and visit an institution with which Presbyterian has a current membership agreement. Physician rotations are essential for the medical training of higher education graduates. According to ACGME, residents now move to more than 5,000 participating sites each year. In a 2016 survey, about half of the DIOs of AAMC member institutions indicated that negotiations on rotation agreements for residents were delaying rotations. In order to give more time to our members and other members of the medical community for education and training, the AAMC has developed a unique agreement that should be used for rotating residents. Learn more about the deal in this 3-minute video, or see the webinars below. While we can help to facilitate the settlement of disputes between MEPs and Member States, it is ultimately the responsibility of our members to reach a settlement in a timely manner. In case you and another member fail to reach an agreement, you agree to prevent clinical rotation by email and first try an informal solution. If they or Clinical Rotation, after justified attempts, believe that the member-to-member dispute has not been resolved and cannot be resolved, the dispute may be considered for arbitration proceedings. Please read these terms of use carefully (“Conditions,” “Conditions of Use”) before accessing the clinical rotation platform (as defined below), as they constitute a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) between you and Clinical Rotation LLC, a limited liability company located in Delaware.

If these conditions refer to “clinical rotation,” “we,” “we” or “our,” it refers to the company Clinical Rotation LLC with which you enter into a contract, including, but not limited to the clinical rotation site (, all sub-domains of the clinic, and all other sites through which Clinical Rotation provides its services (together “Website,” “Website”) and all related services (together.” Access and use of our platform are subject to acceptance and compliance with these conditions. These conditions apply to all visitors, users, members and others (together “you,” “yours”) who access or use the platform. If you do not agree to be bound by these conditions, do not access or use our platform. AURRA contains general legal terms and is managed as a PDF document on the AAMC website. It is designed to be integrated by reference to a program contract letter (or other agreement) signed by the sponsoring institution and the participating website. For those who need to amend or add provisions because of unique state requirements or for other reasons, the PLA may be amended to reflect these provisions. Sometimes a change to a membership agreement can be requested by any party to the booking agreement. They accept that all changes, amendments and agreements or disagreements with the terms of an affiliation agreement are at the exclusive discretion and responsibility of the parties to the reservation agreement, including hosts, students, school representatives and schools, and Clinical Rotation assumes no responsibility in the membership agreement process. In the event that a party to the booking agreement is unable to accept the terms of the affiliation agreement, the booking will be cancelled.

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