In order for a company to be supported by alternative employers, it must be mentioned in the confirmation schedule. The schedule must indicate the status in which temporary workers are employed. If a contract or project is indicated in the schedule, coverage applies only to work performed by temporary workers under this contract or project. Bob then passes the right over to his company`s general liability insurer. To his surprise, this insurer also disputes the coverage. The insurer refers to the exclusion of employer liability, which excludes the coverage of personal injury suffered by one of the insured from the employment of an aggrieved worker. This approval applies only to personal injury suffered by the substitute employer in the states mentioned in Item 2 of Schedule. Part 1 (work benefit insurance) and the second part (employer liability insurance) apply as if the alternative employer were insured. When an entry is displayed in item 3 of the calendar, the assurance granted by that approval applies only to work performed under the contract or project specified in the schedule. It is important that you review these policies and forms, as they contain important information and changes in employer obligations that may be relevant to requests for updated names and future mentions. Are you an employer in Newfoundland and Labrador? Are you looking to recruit and hire an experienced internationally trained workforce and qualified international students for long-term full-time jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador to meet your labour needs? One condition that does not apply to the alternative employer is the redundancy clause. As the alternative employer is not the designated insured, it is not entitled to make a notification in the event of termination of the policy.

REMINDER: As of August 1, 2019, employers seeking to remediate confirmation under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot are required to submit the following documents on the application date with the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism to ensure that there is no delay in permanent resident processing. (From May 1, 2019, these documents will be required for work permit applications containing work permit applications, but this will extend to all mentions from August 1, 2019). The assurance granted by this approval is not used by the assistant employer`s obligation to meet its obligations under the Workers` Compensation Act. We will not file any evidence of this insurance with a government agency on behalf of the other employer. The Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism regularly conducts information sessions for employers in the province. If you are an employer in Newfoundland and Labrador and would like to learn more about how our office can help you address your labour shortage, please email us: to register for a session near you or sign up for a Labrador Employee Information Website.

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