Accordingly, the owner will agree to give up all rights to operate the franchise`s intellectual property in the location mentioned in this franchise agreement, including intellectual property such as logos and signage. This agreement will be concluded after the signing of this document. By signing this agreement, both parties recognize the understanding and agreement of all the above conditions. The company has the right to refuse any sale or transfer of ownership on the franchise site for any reason. If you create a franchise agreement, a declaration or termination clause is also important. As a general rule, such a clause contains explanations for the franchisor or franchisee: 1. Copyright and all other rights in the text of the manual photograph all other documents provided by the franchisor and all the secret or confidential information it contains Franchisor and the franchisee undertakes to: not copy the manual photographs and other documents provided by the franchisor, nor to disclose its content or concepts to another party and not to use them, directly or indirectly, when providing the services. The owner manages and manages all independent advertisements and pays [Annual.MarketingFee] to the franchise as payment for any national or international advertising required for the entire operation of the franchise. Franchisees are billed monthly for the aforementioned advertising.

The owner can sell or transfer the deductible with prior notification written and approved by the company. PandaTip: Once the model is complete, you and the franchise owner can sign the final franchise contract from any computer, smartphone or tablet. PandaDoc`s electronic signatures are legal and legally binding. (a) to assist the franchisee in effectively creating and operating the business from the premises and to provide a manual whose copyright must remain the property of the franchisor at all times; b) train the franchisee and franchisee staff at Schedule 3 costs in good management of the business. c) training the franchisee and the franchisee`s new and existing staff in the services. The cost of this training is shown in Schedule 3. (d) provide the franchisee with appropriate and ongoing support and advice that the franchisor deems necessary to ensure effective management of the business. (e) ensure that the manual on changes and/or improvements to the company`s operations or operations is kept up to date.

PandaTip: Use the table in the model below to describe all the advertising or promotional means available to the franchise owner. The agreement contains rules and regulations, as well as restrictions and obligations related to franchises, which have a significant impact on the franchise`s business. These rules are written by the franchisee`s prospecting. All provisions relating to trademarks, patents, advertising policies and all costs that may contribute to maintenance and repair are also included in this agreement. The owner agrees to pay the deductible for the rights to own and operate this franchise site. The amount of the payment is shown in the table above and includes all deposits, rebates and taxes related to this amount. (a) within 30 days of the end of each fiscal year, accompanied by a certified certificate attesting to the franchisee`s gross turnover during that period, calculated in accordance with this agreement; (b) within 90 days of the end of each fiscal year, with a certified copy of the audited income statement and the balance sheet of the franchisee`s operations and other related accounting and financial information that the franchisor may reasonably require; c) The franchisee makes all certificates, etc., available to the franchisor.

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