In calculating your institution`s full-time equivalents (RDTs), you should only include knowledge workers. Knowledge workers are those who use technology in their daily work. Employees such as maintenance workers, gardeners and others who do not use technology in their work should not be included in this calculation. 17 Software Insurance Overview… Offer Updates and Updates by Registration Time Included for All CA Agreements 26 Campus Agreement Program OptionsOptions at End of Agreement: Buy-out Academic SelectMic License pricing only for software programs covered by the customer`s School Agreement Subscription Minimum quantity of 10 licenses per product Must be done before expiration of the agreement Delete the software New combination of agreements The rdT calculation is used, to determine the number of licenses your institution has for the Microsoft EES and Adobe ETLA licensing agreements. Use the following formula to calculate your FTEs. 16 Examples of Student Options Example A 100 Number of RDT Students with 3 Product Examples B 300 Number of RDT Students with 1 Product Selection 23 Software Insurance Features: eLearningTraining for Faculty/Mitarbeiter und Studenten auf Microsoft-Software that can be easily retrieved on your own PC, Also offline Get teachers/employees quickly on new products and update skills with the latest knowledge of desktop courses on Office 2000, Office XP, Windows 2000, Windows XP and more… Server courses on Windows Server, Exchange, SQL, ISA and more… For the list of e-Learning courses currently available: 12 Program Options: Work At HomeFree-Option Faculty and Personal For School Purposes Only Software: CAL Applications other than SQL Server CAL Software Distribution Students Cd sets (at least 25) Controlled download with volume licensing media Let users save their computers license media by volume, who do not need VLK 6, give your example of countP:2000 full-time faculty, 3000 part-time faculties, 3000 part-time faculties, 3000 part-time faculties, 3,000 part-time faculties, 3,000 part-time faculties, 3,000 part-time faculties, 3,000 part-time faculties, 1,000 full-time and 1,000 part-time faculties : / /2 – RDT 1 8 Software Assurance Objectives Improve your experience Strengthening our relationship More value for Software Assurance based on customer search Plus value Plus Management More Support Microsoft in DerBildung: Building The Connected Learning Community Jessie Friesen Microsoft Corporation Every department that registers with MCCA, must strive, in good faith, use the full number of correct knowledge workers for initial registration and check the number for each extension period and recalculate whether MCCA faculty licenses and personal products.

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