You have two options if you walk around to pay back the money. Most borrowers opt for a direct debit agreement, which means Money Mart will withdraw the money from your current account. This will allow you to repay the money on time. Alternatively, Money Mart you can also refund the money in one of its stores. If you`ve ever used an online lender, be aware that the Money Mart process is largely the same. To launch the financing ball, you need to visit the Money Mart website and click the “APPLY NOW” button. You must then enter the state in which you live, followed by a series of personal information. These include your full name, residence address, social security number and date of birth. Money Mart offers two refund options. The simplest – and most common – is to repay the money through your current account. The lender automatically withdraws cash from your account, so you avoid the risk of forgetting the payment.

You can also repay your loan at a Money Mart store. As soon as you submit the application, Money Mart will check your data with third-party sources. If they are able to validate your personal data and think you have the financial means to take out a payday loan, you will receive an offer of prior authorization on screen. This determines how much you can borrow and the interest rate you pay for the loan. The Money Mart also offers traditional cash registration services. This can be helpful if your salary is paid in the form of a cheque, but you must immediately access the cash. This may be a wiser option than taking out a loan on payday. Although you are charged a percentage fee to cash the cheque, you avoid registering credits. Money Mart specializes in day credit. As a result, the lender also participates in cash advance and cheque cash services. The amount of interest Money Mart calculates on its payday depends on a number of factors. As such, you don`t know your financing costs until you apply.

Keep in mind that you don`t have to continue with a Money Mart loan as soon as your pre-authorization rates are posted.

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