If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will receive a contract to participate in our supplier networks. We have developed a new process for professional supplier groups and solo practitioners to further facilitate entry into our networks. Professional supplier groups and solo practitioners must follow the steps described below to apply for membership. We look forward to working with you! If you`re already registered with CAQH and you`ve completed your ProView app by participating in another health plan, log in to ProView and add BCBSNM as one of the health plans that can access your information. Read the authorization instructions in the CAQH reference manual, once your vendor file has been put in place and you have applied to participate in BCBSNM vendor networks, you must be logged in. Participating vendors must have a CAQH (ID) vendor ID to register and start the registration information process. The final rule of the CMS is intended to ensure that people receiving long-term services and assistance under the 1915 HCBS programs (c) under the Medicaid authorities have full access to the benefits of community life and the opportunity to receive services in a more integrated framework, to improve the quality of HCBS and to offer protection to participants. For more information on this rule, visit the home and Community-Based Services website. The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) and the Department of Human Services (HSD) /Medical Assistance (MAD) do not allow new applications for service models that do not fully meet the requirements of the HCBS parameters for DDW, MFW and Mi Via waiver declarations.

The state is currently in systematic transition; However, the final rule does not provide for a transitional period for recruitment during which services have not been provided under a state plan approved as of March 17, 2014. New providers must meet HCBS requirements before being approved for the provision of waiver services. Note: If you are a supplier who needs one of the following additional forms, you must complete the form and fax it to 866-290-7718 or 505-816-2688. BCBSNM members rely on the accuracy of the supplier`s information in our online providerFinder® . For this reason, it is very important to inform BCBSNM if your practical information changes. If you are a participating bcBSNM provider, you can request most changes online by emailing us. The Psychologist Licensing Organization (PhDs) does not offer a method of rapid verification of a supplier`s license. PhD students are certified and effective after the registration information has been approved.

If you are not currently registered with CAQH, BCBSNM adds your name to its rollboard with CAQH. THE CAQH will then send you the access and registration instructions with your personal caQH provider ID, so you can immediately access ProView via the Internet to complete and submit your application. This will help you meet the requirements of your contract/provider contract in order to continue your participation in BCBSNM networks. BCBSNM requires suppliers to use the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare® (CAQH) for first certification and new start. ProViewTM (a free online service) allows providers to complete an application to meet the registration information requirements of several organizations. This solution helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of our supplier database. BCBSNM requires full certification of the doctors listed below and other professionals to participate in the networks. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and NMDOH require all providers to have bond insurance, while they have an active provider agreement with DDSD.

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc. (CAQH) is a non-profit alliance of the country`s leading health plans and networks.

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