[Signature of the person entitled to enter into the agreement] The Uniform Guidance CFR 2, Part 200, Subpart E – Cost Principles (formerly OMB A-21 Section J) prohibits the university from requiring federal agreements of 500,000 per cent us or from demanding reimbursement of certain costs by the Federal Government. Ug refers to these costs as “unacceptable costs” or “non-refundable costs.” However, some of these costs may be subject to specific circumstances or cost attributes described below. [The following paragraph only applies if the agreement is reached with another partner of the federal government: nothing should conflict with the current guidelines of the Department of Commerce or [name of other agencies]. If the provisions of this agreement are contrary to the existing guidelines of one of the agencies that conclude this agreement, the parts of that agreement considered inconsistent are null and void; However, other conditions that are not affected by the inconsistency remain fully in place. At the first opportunity to revise the agreement, all necessary changes will be made either by amending this agreement or by concluding a new agreement, depending on the interests of both parties.] Freight, express transport, caring, postage and other transport services relating to either purchased, machining or delivered goods are permitted. If such costs can be easily identified with the items in question, they can be directly added as transportation costs or added to the cost of those items. If identification with the materials obtained cannot be easily carried out, inoperative transportation costs may be charged to the corresponding indirect cost accounts (AAFs) if the non-federal unit pursues a consistent and fair procedure in this regard. Outgoing freight, which can be repaid on federal price terms, should be treated as a direct cost. (2) [citation to other applicable laws or regulations, z.B. 3 U.S.C. Authorization of non-refundable details of employees at the White House, the White House Executive Residence, the Office of the Vice President, the National Office and the Office of Administration for up to 180 days; 5.C 3341, secretariat authorization of national details up to 120 days; Five days U.C. If a proposal for administrative facilities and costs is prepared, non-refundable costs must be assessed when they occur in UW budgets to ensure that they are not included in the university`s research and development or indirect cost rates. This agreement takes effect when it is signed by all parties.

The contract expires on [date][NOTE]: The duration of the details must not exceed 120 days, unless a specified legal authority provides for a longer period, but may be amended at any time by mutual agreement between the parties. Each party can terminate this contract by imposing on the other party the sighing termination days. This agreement depends on the availability of resources. Under this agreement, the parties will provide a clear and concise description of the details (for example. B in accordance with this agreement, which will become the detailed staff. . , , ” and a brief explanation of the purpose and purpose of the agreement; it may be necessary to provide the background, so it is clear why the department approved this detail]. Costs of supplying, insurance, warranty, maintenance, services, repairs or maintenance of buildings and equipment (unless otherwise stipulated) are permitted, which do not increase the sustainable value of the property, do not significantly increase the expected lifespan, but do not maintain it in an efficient operating condition.

Improvement costs that increase the sustainable value of buildings and equipment or significantly extend their lifespan should be considered capital expenditures (see .200,439 equipment and other investments).

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