This webinar is a sister-to-sister webinar that covers PROCSA agreements as a whole. This training service provides a detailed understanding of the roles, responsibilities and responsibilities of the client and his project representatives. That is, the development manager, the project manager, the principal consultant and the senior officer. Edition 3.2 of the PROCSA agreements contains clauses in any consultant agreement that cover the possibility of appointing the advisor to the position of Principal Consultant and/or Principal Agent. PROCSA`s client/consultant agreements are harmonized between professionals to reduce project risk and to obtain benefits for both clients and their advisors. The webinar is organized in three two-hour Niffs and will be invaluable to those who want to know when to recruit the above professionals and how to distinguish between the services, results and delivery for which they are responsible at every stage of the work. The focus is on the Agency`s law and its influence on those roles. The e-procsa document access service and its role in improving productivity and efficiency are also presented using the online electronic document access portal. The stakeholders are valued and respected people in their trades, with a wealth of experience in applying their knowledge to the maximum effect, in the use of PROCSA agreements.

For each webinar session, the delegate must receive a 50% pass mark in an online quiz to qualify for CPD credits. WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Clients /Employers / Owners / Developer Project Managers Principal Agents – Principal Consultants Architects – Quantity Surveyors Consulting Engineers Government Department Personnel Contracts on demand have an exclusive agreement to facilitate PROCSA workshops® by selected PROCSA components. Workshops and webinars are held regularly to practice the use of PROCSA® agreements, its content and its application. The webinars have three two-hour sessions and are available online to all parties who wish to ensure that they are well trained in the use of documents for effective implementation. The webinar moderators are members of the PROCSA committee® and are well experienced in implementing the agreements. This will ensure that user advice is appropriate for the context in which they wish to use the agreements. 6 PROGRAM – SESSION 3 07:45 08:00 Pre-start 15 min 08:00 08:05 Introduction Cliff Hayim 5 min 08:05 08:45 Customer Commitments Levels 1 6 The Role of the Customer Relationship with the Matrix Document and The Work Steps Using the Matrix Document Questions and Answers 40 min 08:45 09:25 The Principal Consultant Services – Deliverables Principal Agency – Principal Consultancy vs Project Management The role of the project manager Questions and Answers 40 min 0 9:25 09:55 The e-procsa Document Access Service The PROCSA e-procsa website – e-docx Questions and Answers Cliff Hayim 30 min 09:55 10:00 Closing and commentary Cliff Hayim / 1 Ian Alexander 5 min SPEAKERS Ian qualified in 1964 at the University of Cape Town: Ian joined Colyn – Meiring Architects in 1965 and joined in 1966 for trust Bank Projects , including the Trust Bank Head Office and the Heerengracht Hotel.

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