SLM formalizes the approach by which services are defined and service level agreements (SLAs) are developed between the customer and the provider. This section traditionally defines the main stakeholders who participated in and signed an agreement. However, in this case, an SLA workflow is used to meet these needs. To avoid user dissatisfaction, it is important that defined service levels are accessible and measurable. The first type of service level agreement structure is service-based ALS. A service-based ALS covers a service for all customers. Consider that the IT service provider provides customer service to many customers. In a service-based service level agreement, the level of service in customer consultation is the same for all customers who use this service. Yes, for example. B The financial department and the human resources department are two clients who use this service, the same ALS applies between the IT service provider and these two services, since it is a service-based ALS.

The following table describes different categories of changes. Service level agreements are the first step in creating a relationship between a service provider and a customer. If we realize what is expected of each party, there can be transparency and confidence on both sides. Regardless of the type of service level agreement signed, each party can now be held accountable in order to maintain its end of good deal. Sometimes it is necessary to compromise when the service provider does not have the resources to meet the client`s requirements. In this case, the client may be forced to review its requirements and the service provider may be forced to invest in more resources. Such compromises create a good working relationship between the service provider and the client. When sending a PSR, the customer must include the expected levels of service as part of the requirement.

This has an impact on suppliers` offers and prices and may even influence the supplier`s decision to respond. If you need z.B. 99.999 percent availability for a system and the provider cannot meet this requirement with the indicated design, it can offer another, more robust solution. A default change (“Category 0”) is pre-authorized. The record must be completed in accordance with the standard change description. The nist definition of cloud computing identifies important aspects of cloud computing and serves as a complete comparison between cloud services and deployment strategies. The architecture of solutions is essential for an IT project, as architecture defines both the requirements and the standard structure model of each it system.

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