If you work with a teenager who goes to university in another state and still wants to see you, for example under the PSYPACT agreement, you no longer need to be licensed in that state or get permission from that state`s licensing authority, Siegel points out. Tel 678-216-1175 Fax: 678-216-1176 Website: www.asppb.net Twelve states and provinces also have reciprocity agreements allowing licensed psychologists to move from one jurisdiction to another without receiving a separate certification letter or paying additional fees, DeMers said. However, because licensing laws are so different, this approach to mobility has been slow, while individual references such as the CPQ and the National Registry of Licensing Bodies have proved more feasible, he says. Learn the ropes. Then you should find out about the current airtime licensing laws and the specific requirements of the state in which you are applying, the states you are interested in and of maximum flexibility, according to the report as a whole, advises Thomas Vaughn, PhD, former president of the SPPB, whose website contains www.asppb.org information on the requirements of all states. In addition, a new book, published by Vaughn, “Psychology Licensure and Certification: What Students Need to Know” (APA, 2006), gives Scoop the license, internships, certification and preparation for licensing tests. Approved in 2015 by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB), PSYPACT is an intergovernmental agreement that allows psychologists to practice telepsychology or offer temporary and personalized services across participating national borders without having to be admitted to other states. The pact aims to remove regulatory barriers and increase access to mental health care. As a first career psychologist, you jumped through many tires to get your Ph.D. and postdoc. Now you are in for another test of your planning abilities: get the license, preferably with the ability to move to another state if you wish.

Ditto on bank your registration information, says Hall.

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