Presatation Service 3 Office of Social Security Agreements Quebec Pension Board 1055, Boulevard René-Lévesque East, 13th Montreal Floor, Quebec H2L 4S5 Sir, I am a Canadian citizen since 2008 and I traveled several times to India for material problems and during my visit I had diagnosed a stroke twice as disabled. I don`t have a permanent home in India and I`m on rent to survive as I recently generated business but is still losing out. The property is still unsold, I have been filling ITax for all the years also explaining my capital gains by form 1135. Now applied OAS paper to Service Canada and awaiting response. In September, I will be 65 years old, family in Canada and home, as for my less days of stay in Canada, I could get social security benefits between Canada and India. Please advise you. Thank you and greets S.S.Dhindsa Hi Bee – Yes, if he works in Canada and contributes to the CPC, he will be entitled to a CPP pension. If he contributes the maximum for each of the next five years, his monthly CPC at age 70 would be about $243. If he has at least 5 years of U.S. Social Security contributions, that should mean that you are entitled to CPC survival benefits and you may also be eligible for life benefits as part of his U.S. Social Security. I am a U.S.

citizen and Canadian permanent resident who worked in the United States for 17 years before moving to Canada with my family in 2012. I intend to leave the CPC full-time next year with 5 years of contributions. Assuming that I could use my work history in the United States to obtain eligibility under the U.S.-Canada agreement, how would my benefit amount be calculated? I ask the question because I am trying to determine the relative benefits of the U.S. Social Security benefit over the KKPp benefit. The SS consultant I spoke with said that I could only get benefits under one of the two plans, not both. My annual income in Canada is about $80,000 to $90,000 a year. In the last 6 years 6 pre 7 of my years in the U.S. my income was comparable to this one, but it was much lower upstream and the total amount I will receive from SS is relatively small because they calculate benefits on the basis of an average over a number of years. I suppose I would do better under CPC, but I do not know how my amount of benefits would be calculated here in Canada. Perhaps you could let me know. Thank you very much. Hello Selena – I don`t know anything about social security programs in Colombia, but there are no restrictions in the Canadian system that would prevent you from receiving pensions from both countries.

Doug, I emigrated to Canada in 1996 and graduated in 2000. I have not had the opportunity to work in Canada. From 2001, I worked in the United States until last year on a TN visa. Now I have moved to Canada. By September, I will reach retirement age. My question is: Could I receive my U.S. Social Security pension benefits to support my life in Canada? Thank you. Gordon You are definitely entitled to a CPP old-age pension, even without using the agreement. You are entitled to a small OAS pension under the contract. Hello, Doug, my mother will be 20 years old as a legal citizen in Canada.

She`s from Guatemala. I called the immigration pension. Someone told me that she could get her old age pension, even if it is not a contracting country, but they will deduct the 30% of the tax. She will be 82 in June. I read the pensions page, but I did not confirm anything. Can you tell me how it works? Thanks to the Government of Canada, international social security conventions, which cover only old age security benefits and the Canada pension plan. If you have contributed to the PQ, but not to the CPC, please contact the Quebec Pension Plan. I receive a military pension from a country (India) that does not have a social security agreement with Canada.

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