Surge Battle Royale is an online multiplayer “Battle Royale” game. The game has many unique features and uses Peer-to-Peer Networking to achieve seamless play without any dedicated servers.

Chess Battle is a variation on the class two-player strategy board game Chess. The unique aspect of the game is instead of the traditional, take the “King” win it is the first person to take five pieces of the opponent thus take Victory.

Daily Dose Virtual Reality is a simulation of daily task’s focused on the receptive movements to aid and familiarise individuals affected by strokes. The simulation is to provide an environment where the individual feels safe to re-learn lost skills or moments due to strokes or similar conditions.

Relic is a 3D, first person puzzle game inspired by the shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and other puzzle related games like Portal 2. The player has to navigate their character through multiple puzzles, using different mechanics to escape with their artifact, the Gauntlet.

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